To Buy or To Borrow Oil Paintings, That Is The Question!

An answer to the question of buying or borrowing oil painting can’t quite be immediate, even with Hamlet involved. There is an uninspiring first answer. Scandalous, uninspiring stuff on an art website – well, yes –but if you are a business owner wanting art for the business space, then the boring stuff is very exciting for you. And that’s where leasing will pique your interest.
Leasing art brings tax benefits to your business and frees up operating costs. Dull for art, very exciting for business! And that is where the dullness ends and creativity bursts out.

Tax Down, Creativity Up, The Perfect Formula

The creative, inspiring outcome of that accounting factor is that more art can be brought into the hotel, the lodge, the restaurant, the offices and the conference facilities. Instead of stretching the, often overly tight, budget over a few key pieces and leaving too many nude walls, you can dress that interior appropriately without breaking the bank. And the accountant will smile.
Your clients or guests have arrived, they love the gorgeous art that treats their eyes in delightful settings. They visit again and again. And the same art is still there. Hmm, it’s getting a bit dull now. It’s almost invisible. And that is when the next part of leasing makes its presence felt.

Revitalizing Your Business With Art

Time to swap out the current collection for a new batch of leased works. Decor Dreams has a vast collection of artworks that will tie into your interior design with ease so swapping out the current artwork for a new collection is done with ease. The artworks come printed onto cushion covers as well so the cushions can be swapped out as well and, WOW, what a difference that makes!

The new colours, the new textures and movement, the new content. The clients will be delighted again.It will look like a renovation has happened, and a breath of fresh air will permeate the spaces. The couch in the bar/reception/waiting area will get a whole new lease on life without having to buy 30 metres of fabric to reupholster it!

If you want to breathe new life into your business space, delight your clients and make that accountant smile with art leasing for your business, make an appointment now with Decor Dreams. Our art and decor experts will impress you with their knowledge, the selection available and the service which, even more delightfully, includes installation. Call 0413033094 or (08) 8121 4415 or email scott@decordreams.

Visit our art gallery in Hahdnorf today – we provide an ambience of relaxation with a pleasurable experience!

We might just have what you are looking for!